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Scanning and Engineering

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3D CAPTURA is your partner for applications related to 3D scanning

3D scanning

We scan your objects with the proper accuracy.

After cleaning up the scanned data we can provide following native formats STL, OBJ, ASC and PLY. More info ..

Reverse egineering

We also offer a full reverse engineering program, from 3D scanning, engineering calculations, design and testing.

We deliver all data such as 3D CAD model, 2D manufacturing drawings, calculation reports and test reports. More info ..

Dimensional control

On the 3D scanned data we can perform measurements to compare the scanned object with the dimensions according the drawing.
We can make 3D comparisons by placing the scanned data onto the real CAD data. The result is a colour-map showing the deviations. More info ..

CAD and CAE optimizations

We are able to improve your products, make design changes, optimization for weight and strength based on the 3D scanned data. More info ..

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