Reverse Engineering

Accelerate time to market, by scanning prototypes, existing parts, tooling and moulds instead of manually measure and design from scratch. Create customized products that can not be designed without reverse engineering. Recreate complex  geometry.

Convert 3D scans to high quality feature-based CAD models.

The 3D scanned data can be converted into a solid based model by generating primitive and NURBS surfaces. This model can be imported in your CAD software for further feature based modifications.
The formats we can deliver are STP, PARASOLID, etc.

We also offer a full reverse engineering program, from 3D scanning, engineering calculations, design and testing. We deliver all data such as 3D CAD model, 2D manufacturing drawings, calculation reports and test reports.

Reverse engineering is used to redesign parts from which no drawing or documentation is available. By making the solid CAD model, these parts can be changed and optimized to extend the life or to add new features.


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